The MPCU Box is a housing supplying mechanical and electrical connections of the MPCU, PCI_CAN and PCI_Link boards as well as providing connectors for external cabling to the MMC and periphery.

The MPCU is a single-board industrial controller using the PowerPC CPU with VxWorks as operating system. Standard interfaces include an Ethernet adapter, a parallel port, and both electrical and FO serial interfaces. Systems running syngo MR software (systems produced after July 2000) are equipped with an MPCU2 and systems after July 2001 with the MPCU3 board, while older systems running NUMARIS 3,5 software will have a MPCU 1.

The PCI_Link and PCI_CAN interfaces are installed in slot 4 and slot 5 respectively.12 is currently not used.

A service terminal can be used at x13 for setup of boot parameters in the BIOS.

PCI-Link Interface

This board provides a digital data interface between the MPCU and the DSPs on the MC4C40. The bus drivers and monitoring of this bus are found on the MC4C40

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